This synthesizer can easily get very loud, so please mind your volume setting.
I'm will not be responsible for damage to your equipment or ears caused by using this site!

Click mouse on timeline to create notes. Shift+click notes to remove them.
Play with the available settings in the 3 Oscillators to create your own sound.
Please note: this is work in progress, some knobs and buttons don't work yet!
For now, for each oscillator, use the ADSR knobs to create an envelope,
use the wave shape buttons to select a wave form.
In the transport section: Play, pause and stop-buttons work.
Set BPM by either using the arrow buttons or type in the number with your keyboard.
You can drag the little grey arrow at the top of the timeline to set the length of your sequence.

This synthesizer is a personal experiment and under development whenever I have a bit of spare time. Enjoy! :D
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